Your Teeth Can Glo

Cosmetic DentistryTechnological advances in dental care happen on a regular basis. Years ago, a toothbrush was made with pig bristles and you used the same brush until you lost it or the bristles fell out. Then there were plastic bristles, electric toothbrushes, and toothpaste that whitened your teeth. “One of the real joys of being a dentist is watching the advances that make caring for teeth easier, more practical and with better results for the patient,” says Dr. Carol Ford from her Phoenix cosmetic dentistry office. “Patients have so many more choices now than just 10 years ago.”

One of those changes are the advancements in tooth whitening. It wasn’t long ago that the latest in whitening were kits that brightened your teeth at home and dental appointments that gave you whiter teeth faster than you could make it happen at home.

Now there is a new step in whitening technology: Glo technology. A simple device—a mouthpiece, fits comfortably between your teeth and is worn during the whitening process. You apply the whitening gel and bite down into the mouthpiece. Once the device is activated, the light that works with the gel to brighten your teeth shines a bright blue while an automatic timer counts down. Each application treatment lasts eight minutes, and you will need three to four back-to-back applications.

“In 32 minutes, you can whiten your teeth about five shades,” says Dr. Ford. “That’s a shorter time and whiter teeth than previous technology,” she adds.

There are no folding strips over your teeth, and no UV light. The LEDs (light emitting diodes) that create the bright blue light also brighten your teeth. Your smile will be ready for the holidays in under an hour!

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