Am I Too Young For Teeth in a Day?

Teeth_in_a_dayTeeth in a day, or a set of immediately loaded dental implants designed to replace most or all of one’s teeth, have proven to have many benefits for patients. They mimic the look and function of natural teeth, have a high implantation success rate.

Some readers with tooth loss issues may wonder if they are the right age to receive teeth in a day. This is an understandable question, especially when one of the most common options for total teeth replacement – dentures – tend to be associated with old age. But dental implant procedures may be safely performed on any adolescent or adult whose bones have stopped growing. This occurs around age 16 for girls and 18 for boys.

Regardless of your age, here are several good reasons to consider teeth in a day if you’re needing to address significant tooth losses.

  • Tooth loss can occur at any age. While it’s true that only 25 percent of Americans have lost all their teeth by age 65, accidents, illnesses and other conditions can lead to total teeth loss long before retirement age. There is no guarantee that a younger person, even one who practices diligent oral hygiene habits and regularly visits their dentist, will be able to retain their natural teeth into old age.
  • The sooner teeth are replaced, the better it is for your jawbone. To avoid bone loss, the jaw needs to have a pressure-bearing load placed upon it, which is ordinarily provided by chewing and other actions of a natural tooth. Teeth in a day dental implants can provide this type of pressure-bearing load on the jaw because their retaining screw becomes integrated into the jawbone; dentures cannot.
  • Your teeth impact your quality of life in many ways. Beyond making your smile look attractive, having a full set of teeth allows you to chew your food properly, speak clearly, and feel confident. These advantages are useful to young and middle-aged adults who may be building a career or seeking a relationship.

“It can be difficult to have to consider replacing your natural teeth if your peers still have most of theirs,” says Dr. Carol Ford, a cosmetic dentist practicing in central Phoenix. “Teeth in a day can provide a healthy, long-term solution to that dilemma.”



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