You Are a Vital Part of Your Dental Team

Phoenix Cosmetic DentistryYou and your dentist are an important team. Both of you collaborate and work together to create a successful smile and teeth that will last you a lifetime. “Without the dedication of both the dentist and the patient, the outcome won’t be successful,” says Dr Carol Ford. Speaking from her Phoenix cosmetic dentistry office, she explains, “When a patient understand the partnership, the relationship thrives and the care reaches a quality that you can’t get any other way.”

Just as your car will last longer and look better if you do regular maintenance and cosmetic care, your teeth will last longer and appear brighter if you follow your dentist’s guidelines and advice.

There is a certain responsibility you have for caring for your own teeth. If you only have your car’s oil changed after you’ve had an accident or when the car’s engines seizes from lack of oil, you won’t get years of dependable use from your car. Your can also take your teeth for granted because you use them every day. Chewing, speaking and smiling are so much a part of your day that it is easy to forget that the teeth, tongue and gums that help you communicate need daily upkeep.

The ADA Dental Patient Rights and Responsibilities Statement spells out what it takes to have a successful relationship with your dentist. (You can download the entire document.)

This document is not meant to be a legal contract, but a way for you to have frank and open discussions with your doctor and create an environment of collaborative work.

Patient Rights

1.You have a right to choose your own dentist and schedule an appointment in a timely manner.

2.You have a right to know the education and training of your dentist and the dental care team.

3.You have a right to arrange to see the dentist every time you receive dental treatment, subject to any state law exceptions.

4.You have a right to adequate time to ask questions and receive answers

regarding your dental condition and treatment plan for your care.

5. You have the right to know what the dental team feels is the optimal treatment plan as well as the right to ask for alternative treatment options.

6.You have a right to an explanation of the purpose, probable (short and long term) results, alternatives and risks involved before consenting to a proposed treatment plan.

7.You have a right to be informed of continuing heath care needs.

8.You have a right to know in advance the expected cost of treatment.

9.You have a right to accept, defer or decline any part of your treatment recommendations.

If you depend on irregular dental visits to do the work of maintaining your teeth, you won’t have much success. Doing your part makes your smile the winner.


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