Why the Invisible (To You) Dental Lab Is Important to Your Smile

Cosmetic_DentistryDentists are particular about the lab you may never see or know about. The lab is the extension of the dentist’s office, preparing crowns, veneers and dentures according the to the dentist’s directions.

“When your dentist is the artist designing a smile that is both beautiful to look at and functional for eating and speaking,” Dr. Carol Ford says, “the lab becomes an important partner in giving you the smile you want.”  Your dentist works closely with a lab to produce dental work that is not only functional, but also fits perfectly and looks natural and beautiful. Dentists want to work with other artists who have their vision of a beautiful, effective dental masterpiece, so they choose a lab thoughtfully.

Dentists choose their labs after careful consideration of quality and listening skills. “A lab that listens to what the patient and dentist want can solve problems and help the dentist provide you with a strong, healthy, and beautiful smile,” explains Dr. Ford from her Phoenix cosmetic dentistry office.

The American Dental Trade Assocation (ADTA) explains how dental labs work with the molds the dentist takes from your teeth or gums. A lab provides:

Dentures for patients who are missing teeth

Removable partial dentures or fixed bridges to replace several missing teeth

Crowns to restore the shape and usability of a tooth that was damaged

Veneers that enhance the esthetic appearance and practical function of teeth

Orthodontic appliances and splints that help correct the alignment of teeth or protect them during sports

Dental labs work with a variety of materials, including plastics, gold, non-precious alloys, stainless steel, wax, and a large variety of porcelains, acrylics, and polymer glass. Knowing when to use the right material for the perfect smile is a skill that your dentist knows is important to the final result.

You may never see the lab your dentist works with, but you’ll know their work when you are happy with your smile.


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