Why All-on-4?

Dental_ImplantIn recent years, the All-on-4 process has become a very popular option for placing dental implants when patients have few or no natural teeth remaining to restore full function. However, because this technique is relatively new, its benefits to those facing total tooth loss may be less well known.

Here are just a few reasons All-on-4 dental implants represent an improvement over traditional dentures or fixed bridges.

All-on-4 and your oral health

  • You care for your All-on-4 dental implants just like you do your natural teeth – by brushing and flossing. No special tools are needed!
  • The implants and the dentures stay in your mouth at all times. No adhesives are used to secure the appliances in place.
  • All-on-4 implants, because they sustain the jawbone, can also rectify appearance issues involving the collapse of the lower third of the face.

All-on-4 and nutrition and digestion

  • Dental implants that use All-on-4 overdentures do not cover the palate on the roof of the mouth, meaning you will experience a greater sense of taste when you eat.
  • You can bite with 70 percent more force than you could with dentures when using dental implants – which means you don’t have to limit your diet to soft foods.
  • Since you can eat with implanted teeth just as if you had a full set of healthy natural teeth, you can avoid denture-related digestion problems.

All-on-4 and durability

  • The success rate for All-on-4 dental implants is very high – approaching 98 percent!
  • All-on-4 implant restoration reduces the need for additional care, when compared to a solution such as a fixed dental bridge.
  • Data from long-term studies on the durability of dental implants that use the All-on-4 system indicate that they last as well or better than most types of dental restorations.

“The All-on-4 process can save time and money, and be better for your health than many other restoration options when your natural teeth must be replaced,” says Dr. Carol Ford, a cosmetic dentist practicing in central Phoenix.







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