Whiten Your Smile This Holiday Season

teeth_whiteningWhen we start to anticipate the holidays, lots of images and sensations may fill our minds: the sounds of special music, the tastes and aromas of special foods, and the glow of twinkling lights, as well as the memories of happy gatherings with families and friends.

Teeth whitening may not be at the top of your mind during this period, but most people would like a whiter and brighter smile, and the ability to smile freely, without embarrassment, has been shown to improve one’s mood. There’s still time to whiten your teeth before you attend your holiday activities.

The in-office whitening advantage

In-office teeth whitening performed by a cosmetic dentist is the safest, quickest, most effective method for brightening your smile. It can take less than an hour – almost every other whitening option, including all over-the-counter methods, will take longer to see results, something to consider at this busy time of year.

One of the health-related advantages to using in-office teeth whitening is that your dental hygienist will perform a thorough exam and a cleaning before whitening your teeth. The exam will ensure that your teeth are healthy enough to be whitened, while the cleaning will remove plaque and tartar from your teeth, which will allow the whitening treatment to be more effective. Often, your dentist will offer take-home whitening materials for you to use, which will help prolong the period that your smile is bright.

Keeping your teeth whiter

There are a couple of things you can do to maintain the effectiveness of your teeth whitening treatment during the holidays and afterward.

1) Have a strategy in place for minimizing the impact of teeth-staining foods and drinks. Sip drinks like coffee and tea through a straw, and brush your teeth or chew sugarless gum after eating foods that leave strains.

2) Make sure you eat plenty of firm-crunchy vegetables and fruits. These foods actually help whiten your teeth naturally! Good choices include apples, strawberries, and celery.

“There are so many reasons to smile at the holidays – don’t let self-consciousness about stained teeth steal any of your joy, ” says Dr. Carol Ford, a cosmetic dentist practicing in central Phoenix. “Teeth whitening at your dentist’s office can have your smile ‘celebration ready’ in almost no time.”



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