What We’re Thankful For

As many Americans prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving this week, the focus is on the holiday’s association with gratitude. Cultivating feelings of gratitude and thankfulness have been documented to confer a host of benefits – ranging from better sleep to increased patience to more successful romantic relationships.

The staff of Dr. Carol Ford & Associates has much to be thankful for, too. A few of the things we feel grateful for this season include:

  • Advances in general and cosmetic dentistry. Every year, new research helps Dr. Ford and Dr. Melanie Bauer provide better care to our patients. New tools and techniques allow us to provide better preventive care and dental restorations, improving our clients’ oral health.
  • Our co-workers. From our hygienists to our scheduling staff, our employees are tops at teamwork and doing what’s best for our patients.
  • Our beautiful office setting. Although it’s tucked into the bustling Biltmore section of central Phoenix, our practice has peaceful, relaxing decor and a view of a small lake. This provides stress relief for employees and patients alike!
  • Vito. Patients love Vito, Ford’s golden retriever who has training as a Power Paws Assistance Dog. Vito is available upon request to any patient needing some time with a furry friend to help reduce their apprehension about a procedure.
  • Our patients. We enjoy meeting interesting persons from all walks of life and getting to know them as we help them enjoy better dental health.

“It’s a pleasure to serve our community as dental professionals,” say Drs. Ford and Bauer. “From our practice to your families, we wish you a happy and safe Thanksgiving!”


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