What Toothpaste Should I Use?

If you go to the dentist for regular checkups, you undoubtedly have been encouraged to brush your teeth twice a day. Brushing your teeth is helpful for several reasons, the most important being that it disrupts the bacteria plaque that forms on your teeth after eating or drinking. But not all toothpastes are created equal, and the best toothpaste is one that contains ingredients that have been proven to strengthen your teeth.

The American Dental Association has set forth some guidelines for brands in order to become an ADA-Accepted toothpaste:

  • The toothpaste must contain fluoride, which helps prevent tooth decay and remineralizes tooth enamel.
  • In addition to fluoride, toothpastes may contain active ingredients that reduce tooth sensitivity, protect against gingivitis or other gum disease, fight bad breath or prevent tooth enamel erosion.
  • No accepted toothpaste may contain sugar or any carcinogenic sweetener as a flavoring agent.

What We Tell Clients About Choosing The Best Toothpaste

Ashley Barta, one of the dental hygienists at the practice of Dr. Carol Ford & Associates, says that the practice does not recommend one commercial brand over the other in general, preferring to give individual recommendations based on a client’s unique oral health needs.

best-toothpasteHowever, she adds that, “For many clients with challenges related to tooth decay, the best toothpaste we can recommend is one that is prescription strength. At our office, we offer 3M Clinpro 5000 or Prevident 5000. Both brands have a higher level of fluoride than commercial brands do, and are excellent for strengthening enamel and decreasing sensitivity.”

Dr. Carol Ford, founding dentist of the practice, says, “The staff at our office is happy to help you find the best toothpaste to address your biggest dental challenges. Just ask us – we’re happy to help.”

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