What Is The Teeth In A Day Process?

Teeth_In_A_Day You’ve probably heard about “teeth in a day” if you’re researching options for replacing all of your remaining natural teeth. This process – which also goes by the name “immediate load dental implants” – represents a huge leap forward for total teeth replacement.

However, while the end result of the teeth in a day process happens quickly, it is preceded by a thorough, time-intensive process that happens before surgery day. Here’s an overview of the time line for a typical teeth in a day procedure.

The steps involved in a typical teeth in a day procedure

  • Your dentist determines that you are a good candidate for the teeth in a day procedure – in other words, that dentures or other types of partial restorations are not a better answer for you.
  • Your dentist will consult with an oral surgeon, who will be his or her collaborator in this process.
  • The dentist will take measurements and make impressions to create your new set of teeth in a day
  • If you need any remaining natural teeth extracted prior to your surgery day, your dentist will schedule this procedure far enough in advance to allow for adequate healing to take place.
  • On surgery day for your teeth in a day, the oral surgeon will place the implants, which are anchored to your jaw, at a special angle that allows the overdentures to be placed immediately (that’s where the term “immediate load” comes from). Similar to the way a table is constructed, the implants (the table “legs” in this situation) are angled to provide strong support for the overdentures (the top of the “table”). Once the implants are in place, a temporary set of All-on-4 dentures are placed securely on top of them.
  • While your mouth is healing from the implant placement, you’ll use this temporary set of overdentures and eat soft foods for six to eight weeks. Once healing is completed, you’ll receive a permanent set of overdentures that look and function very much like your natural teeth.

“Teeth in a day often provide a rapid and quite dramatic rise in the quality of life for patients who have lost all of their teeth,” says Dr. Carol Ford, a cosmetic dentist practicing in central Phoenix. “It is a complex process, that actually takes much longer than a day, but the results are worth it!”


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