What Are All-On-Fours?

Although the term “all on four” sounds like it could describe a car’s drivetrain, a child’s game, or how a pet moves around, it’s actually a description of a type of implant-supported dentures. All-on-four technology can provide a new set of teeth for patients who have lost most or all of their natural teeth. Originally developed for those who were not candidates for traditional dental implants due to insufficient bone density, the all-on-four system provides benefits ordinary dentures or implants cannot offer on their own.


How Does All-On-Four Revive Your Smile?

  1. All-on-four reduces the number of implants it takes to restore an arch of teeth. Traditional implant surgery requires six, eight, or more implants to be embedded in a patient’s jaw. All-on-four only requires four implants, reducing cost and post-procedure healing time.
  2. All-on-four can minimize the need for bone grafts. Many patients are poor candidates for implants because their jawbone density is insufficient to anchor the implants. All-on-four techniques reduce the number of anchor points needed.
  3. All-on-four’s “secret sauce” is the angle at which the implants are placed. Each of the implants placed in a patient’s jaw is set at an angle that can support the fixed dentures that will be attached to them. This mutually reinforcing support works much like the legs of a chair that are angled outward to support the seat and back of the chair.
  4. Many implants placed using the all-on-four method can receive temporary fixed dentures the same day. Although a healing period is required while the embedded implants go through the process of osseointegration (fusing with the jaw bone), temporary fixed dentures will be attached to the top of the implants the same day as your surgery. Later, permanent, non-removable dentures will finalize the dental implant process.

“The all-on-four process has revolutionized dental implants and greatly expanded the number of patients who can benefit from this life-changing procedure,” says Dr. Carol Ford, founder of Dr. Carol Ford & Associates and a cosmetic dentist practicing in central Phoenix. “Our practice is happy to consult with you to see if all-on-four dental implants can restore the look and function of your teeth.”

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