Wedding Photos With Bright Smiles Make a Bright Memory

cosmetic_dentistYou will always treasure the people who shared your wedding day—through photos and videos. In most of the photos, there will be big smiles, individually and in groups. “While everyone has a different level of white, smiles can be embarrassing for someone whose teeth are markedly dingy or yellow,” says Dr. Carol Ford from her Phoenix cosmetic dentistry practice. “And whitening is an easy procedure that shows fast results in a short time,” she adds.

The bride and groom could give a lasting gift to their close friends by making a whitening procedure their gift to the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Not only would the wedding photos be lovely, but the attendants also would have a gift that lasts long after the wedding.

Today’s Bride Online, a website that gives wedding planning tips, has a smart suggestion: “Cosmetic dentists can be booked out weeks in advance, so be sure to arrange an appointment well before your wedding.” The whitening can be done close to the wedding day, but the appointment should be set when you have a choice of the day and time you want the whitening done—so call three months in advance of the wedding.

Don’t forget the parents of the bride and groom. “Whitening is appropriate for every age,” says Dr. Ford. “It’s not just for young people, in fact, older people can look a lot younger if their teeth are clean and white.”

The American Dental Association also has a tip for both brides and the wedding party—have your teeth cleaned before they are whitened. “A professional cleaning in a dental office can help remove stains that would otherwise make your smile less than bright.” Once the teeth have been cleaned, the whitening can be far more effective.

Your wedding day is a time when generations and families are together to celebrate. When you look at the photos of that special day, everyone will feel proud of their sparkling smiles.

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