Water and Your Teeth

“We’ve all heard how we should drink more water,” says Dr. Carol Ford, your Phoenix Cosmetic Dentist, “but it’s important to know the facts about the water you choose.”

In general, water keeps your cells healthy and provides amazing benefits for your skin, muscles, and organs. Your teeth can both benefit from taking in water and suffer from it as well.

The Good

Cosmetic_Dentist“Drinking water is a great alternative to sodas or juices, especially where your teeth are concerned, says Dr. Ford. Sodas contain harmful acids and sugar, which destroy tooth enamel and cause decay. Sugary sodas also contribute to obesity, leading to blood sugar issues and certain types of diabetes – putting you even more at risk of gum disease and tooth loss. By drinking water instead of soft drinks and acidic fruit juices, you flush nasty debris and bacteria from your mouth. You also prompt your mouth to produce more saliva which defends against tooth decay. “Water is nearly always the best choice for a beverage since it reduces your sugar intake and the risk of other medical problems that can also hurt your teeth.”

The Bad

As a society, we’ve started drinking more water over the last few years, but unfortunately it’s the wrong kind of water to help your dental health. “Most bottled water lacks fluoride, an element essential for healthy teeth,” says Dr. Ford, “and fluoride strengthens the tooth’s enamel and helps prevent cavities.” Most city or tap water is fortified with fluoride, and bottled water is generally filtered or distilled, a process that strips not only bacteria but also most of the fluoride. The best type of water for your teeth is likely to be your plain old tap water. If you can’t handle the taste (many people can’t), Dr. Ford, your Phoenix cosmetic dentist, may recommend other fluoride sources or supplements.

Your body and teeth need water for their good health, and bottled water is always better than a soda or juice. Schedule your appointment at Dr. Carol Ford’s Phoenix cosmetic dentist office today for more information on water and your teeth.

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