Vito Thinks About Preventive Work

Hi, this is Vito the therapy dog. I live with Dr. Carol Ford, and work with her, too. She is a good person to be with, and got voted as one of the best dentists in Phoenix in 2013. I’m happy to live and work with her. My main job is helping to calm people who are nervous about getting dental care done.

I understand people being nervous. I don’t particularly like going to the vet. Carol takes me anyway. At first I thought it was so I could show her how brave I was. Then when I was at the vet—who was very nice, by the way, and gave me a dog treat—I heard the vet say “preventive work.” I know that word, Carol uses it all the time.Cosmetic_Dentistry

Here’s what Carol says about preventive work: “Preventing decay is easier than fixing decay. When decay does happen, it is easier to fix decay earlier rather than later.”

“Preventive work saves every patient time, energy and money. It saves them time because a small fix takes less time than a big one.”

“It saves them energy because one visit takes less energy than several.”

“And it saves money because a simple procedure is going to cost less than a big procedure.”

Dr. Ford is smart that way. Here’s how I like to think about preventive medicine: I would rather have one rabies shot than get treated for rabies with a lot of shots, because I’d rather get treats from Carol in the office than from the vet.

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