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Phoenix_Cosmetic_DentistLife is stressful, and for many people, a trip to the dentist can make an ordinary day feel even more stressful. But Phoenix cosmetic dentist Dr. Carol Ford has designed her office to be an oasis of comfort. Patients can relax while receiving treatment by looking out the window and seeing a peaceful small lake, which is often visited by ducks and other creatures. They also have the option of receiving a visit from Vito, the office Therapy Dog, or listening to music through noise-canceling headphones while snuggling under a blanket to make themselves feel more comfortable.

Recently, Dr. Ford added a new relaxation option to her office – A State of the art, therapeutic massage chair, which offers a variety of programs to ease away the stress a patient might be feeling. The massage chair is offered completely free of charge as another way Dr. Ford’s Phoenix cosmetic dental practice, sets themselves apart.

When you arrive at Dr. Ford’s central Phoenix cosmetic dentist’s office to use the massage chair, you will be ushered into a private treatment room, which is decorated with peaceful décor and dimly lit. The chair itself is soft and comfortable and when it is placed into action the therapeutic benefits are spectacular. You may select some stress-reducing quiet music to listen to during your massage through headphones, and an eye mask will be provided to ensure your complete comfort.

The massage chair starts with gentle motions in zero gravity, then can build its tempo to a refreshing rubdown, or continue with its calming routine, depending on which program is selected. The entire experience is very much like what you might receive at a fabulous spa location – but can be beneficial in as little as 10 minutes time.

Karly, treatment coordinator for Dr. Ford, explained that the massage chair is available and complimentary to all of Dr. Ford’s Phoenix cosmetic dentist patients on a first-come, first-served basis.

“Some people come in and use it before their treatment,” she said. “Others, who have just completed their Dental treatment, will use it to relax and de-stress before leaving, or BOTH.”

“We love creating an environment of peace and healing while visiting the dentist,” she said. “We’ve heard nothing but GREAT feedback!”

To learn more about the massage chair, contact Karly at Dr. Ford’s office at 602-955-7788.

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