Upgrade Your Smile

Your smile is a big feature in helping people recognize you. But maybe you wish your smile were a little more even, a little whiter. Maybe you are showing a lot of gum when you smile and you wish it were more bright teeth instead.

“You can upgrade your smile with some practical dental procedures,” says Dr. Carol Ford from her Phoenix cosmetic dentistry office. “Upgrading your smile is a great confidence boost. With more confidence you can tackle those other goals for 2014 with a lot more enthusiasm!” she adds.

Cosmetic_DentistIf your smile is crooked or if your teeth are rotated, you might be able to get help from your dentist. Not every tooth needs to be straightened with braces. Some mildly rotated teeth can be reduced in size, then a crown or a veneer added. “It’s a good idea to plan tooth straightening with your dentist,” says Dr. Ford. “Braces will affect your mouth for months or years, and you’ll need to know what to expect and have your questions answered. But if a tooth can be re-shaped with a crown, that’s a much faster answer,” she says.

If your teeth have been stained there are a variety of ways to get them brighter. You can do some of the whitening at home, or do it all faster (and with stronger solutions) at the dentist’s office.  There are strips and gels, toothpastes and trays, all of which have different results and take different amounts of time.

Veneers can be applied to fix teeth that are chipped, uneven, or permanently stained.

And if you have too much gum showing, there is gum re-contouring, which helps reduce the amount of gum showing and even out gums that are reducing the teeth that show when you smile.

“There is no smile that can’t be helped, improved, or upgraded,” said Dr. Ford. And a smile is the way you greet the world. Make the most of yours,” she adds.

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