Turning Back Time with Veneers

While we often think of veneers as creating a youthful smile, you don’t have to be youthful to take advantage of veneers. “Baby Boomers are taking advantage of the cosmetic results of veneers,” says Dr. Carol Ford from her Phoenix Cosmetic Dentistry office. “And Baby Boomers aren’t alone. Their sons and daughters are interested in veneers, but so are the parents of Baby Boomers,” she continues.

If you were born between 1946 and 1964, you are one of the more than 76 million people known as Baby Boomers.  Investopedia says that Baby Boomer account for 20 percent of the population of the United States. That’s a lot of potentially beautiful smiles waiting to happen.

After_VeneersBaby Boomers are working longer, and changing jobs more often. A job interview is an ideal place to show a youthful outlook and smile. “People who appear to be both experienced and energetic, who are confident and youthful have a better chance of getting a job than those who look tired, timid, or too old to handle the stress of a job,” says Dr. Ford. “Cosmetic dentistry is a part of the advantage of being a Baby Boomer—the technology is available to give you a younger look”.

While veneers can’t change your age, they can turn back the clock. “As we age, our teeth wear down and look different. They normally darken, and if you take medication, they can be significantly darker then when you were younger,” says Dr. Ford.

Veneers, which not only whiten your teeth, but make them appear more even and longer (if your teeth are worn), can turn back time and make you appear more vital.

“It’s not just job applicants who are opting in to a brighter smile,” says Dr. Ford, “But Baby Boomers who are getting advanced degrees, celebrating their children’s -–or grandchildren’s—weddings and other life celebrations, want to look attractive on that special day, too—and on the photographs that will be kept for generations,” she adds with a smile.

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