Tooth Hacks (For Men)

“Hack” is a trick or a clever shortcut, and has everything to do with showing up as your best on Valentine’s Day.  “Your smile lights up your face and makes you attractive, and looking your best is a great start for Valentine’s Day,” says Dr. Carol Ford from her Phoenix cosmetic dentistry office.

What else can you do to make a good impression on the one whose heart you want to capture? Teeth_ in_ a _Day

1. Start your day by brushing your teeth, gums, tongue and inside of your cheeks. Sound excessive? Not at all. “Bacteria love warm, moist places, and your tongue has that. It’s also covered with taste buds—bumps that hide bacteria,” says Dr. Ford. Brushing your mouth—including the soft tissue—gives you longer-lasting fresh breath.

2. Love your coffee? Enjoy it, but chew gum afterwards. Chewing gum increases the flow of saliva, which helps wash the coffee residue away from your teeth. Acids form when bacteria break down the food you’ve eaten or when you drink something with an acid content. Saliva has calcium and phosphates, which protect your teeth. And a flavored gum protects against coffee breath.

3. Carry a small mirror in your pocket or briefbag. It’s not vain to make sure you look your best. If your gums aren’t tight against your teeth, it’s easy for small food particles to get caught around your teeth. No matter how healthy your diet, pieces of salad, nuts or berries can ruin a smile. A quick check in a mirror keeps your smile in good shape.

4. Emergency tools are smile-savers. What if you do have something caught in your teeth? “Don’t use your hands to remove it,” says Dr. Ford, “because then you have the offending bit on your hands.” Instead, carry the conveniently packaged dental floss alternatives like The Doctor’s brushpicks. These small pieces of plastic have a thin end and a brush end, small enough to fit between your teeth. They take up very little room and can do you a huge favor.

Your teeth will not only last longer, but look better with just a bit of extra care. And your smile is worth the time!

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