Timing the Artful Work of Your Teeth

Your teeth are ready to be works of art—how you take care of them prepares the canvas. You and your dentist work together to make your smile bright, even, and beautiful. When you smile, the public is presented with the dentist’s restorative skill and your regular maintenance. The art comes from the combined skill of creating the look that you want—from whitened teeth to veneers and crowns.

There are lab experts who make crowns and implants and then sign their work, microscopically, because they are proud of the accuracy and precision of their work.  “While not all dental work is signed by your dentist, every dentist cares deeply that the work in your mouth works for you in both practical ways and in ways that make you more attractive,” says Dr. Carol Ford from her Phoenix cosmetic dentistry office.

Your teeth, your smile, the outcome of all your dental work– are all advertising for your dentist. You are the representative of your dentist’s skill to the outside world.

dental_restorationCollaborating with your dentist will help you both be satisfied and happy. Sometimes that means your dentist won’t be able to do the work you want in the order you want. You may want to have veneer placed on your teeth, but after examining you, your dentist will notice that your teeth are misaligned. Your teeth have to be ready to accept veneers, so they will stay in place. Teeth that are more than slightly turned or misaligned need to be straightened and repaired before the veneers are placed.

Rushing to the veneer stage can mean a poor outcome. Veneers that crack, split or come off often do so because they are placed on teeth that have not been stabilized. Sometimes the original work was well done, but has been worn down with use.  “When you trust your dentist, you will know that your best interest is being represented by the advice you get,” says Dr. Ford.

The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry says, of veneers, “each mouth is different and veneers need to be carefully researched.”

Even if the work you need can’t be done quickly, it’s worth the wait to have it done well.

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