The Process of All-on-Four

All on FourIf you’ve heard about the All-on-Four procedure, you may be aware of the dramatic differnce it can make if you’ve lost most or all of your teeth, but you may not be clear on why this is so. Understanding how All-on-Four works explains why the procedure can be so helpful, and it may also assist you in determining whether it might be right for you.

The All-on-Four Process

– Discuss with your dentist whether you are an ideal candidate for All-on-Four. There are several factors that will influence whether your dentist will recommend that you undergo the All-on-Four process, including:

  • How many teeth remain in each arch of your mouth, and how healthy they are.
  • The level of bone density in your jaw.
  • Whether you have systemic conditions, such as diabetes, that might impede post-operative healing.

– Your general dentist and an oral surgeon or periodontist may consult about your case.  It is preferred that a specialist place the All-on-Four implants.

– You may undergo additional procedures to prepare for your All-on-Four surgery, such as extractions of the remaining teeth in an arch, or bone augmentation to ensure the success of the dental implants anchoring the All-on-Four overdentures.

– You may receive your All-on-Four implants through two staged surgeries. Sometimes your dentist will have an oral surgeon or periodontist place the dental implants, then allow the mouth to heal from the surgery and the implant to experience osseointegration and become fused with the jaw bone. During a second surgery, a temporary overdenture will be placed on top of an abutment that connects it to the implant.

– When your All-on-Four overdenture is ready, it will be attached to your implants. You’ll be able to test your new restoration for fit and function, and then it will be a permanent part of your mouth. You won’t have to remove it every night like you do with regular dentures!

“For an edentulous (toothless) patient, All-on-Four supported overdentures can return them to confident smiling, eating and speaking,” says Dr. Carol Ford, a cosmetic dentist with a practice in central Phoenix. “If you’re facing major tooth loss, ask your dentist if you could be a candidate for All-on-Four.”

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