The Many Dangers Of Vaping

E-cigarettes are marketed as a safer alternative to smoking tobacco because they use an aerosol to deliver nicotine. An e-cigarette user doesn’t inhale or exhale tobacco smoke — but that doesn’t mean the practice, commonly referred to as “vaping,” is not without health risks.vaping-dangers

Most users of cigarettes, cigars, or chewing tobacco have been advised by their dentist that the habit is hazardous to oral health. If you’ve switched to e-cigarettes to reduce the risk, you may be in for a shock to learn there are plenty of vaping dangers, too.

Vaping Dangers 101

Many of the dangers of vaping stem from the nicotine itself. Even if it is not coming from a form of tobacco, nicotine can endanger your teeth and gums by:

  1. Reducing blood flow to your gums, which causes receding gums and can kill gum tissue.
  2. Restricting the flow of saliva. This can lead to dry mouth, which can accelerate tooth decay.
  3. Masking the presence of gum disease — this happens because the reduced blood flow in the gums may make them look less irritated. Untreated gum problems can lead to catastrophic oral issues.
  4. Causing or aggravating teeth-grinding. Nicotine is a stimulant and can fire up muscles in the jaw. Teeth-grinding damages your teeth and may cause jaw pain.

“Because e-cigarettes are relatively new, fewer patients are aware of vaping dangers,” says Dr. Carol Ford. “Our practice can explain to you in detail how this habit may be negatively impacting your oral health.”


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