Teeth Whitening

Bright teeth are attractive and youthful, but not everyone has naturally white teeth. Depending on your age and diet, your bright teeth may fade. Now, thanks to a variety of techniques offered by Dr. Ford and her team, you can restore that flashing smile.

There are two ways to brighten your smile—in your home or in Dr. Ford’s Phoenix office.

In-office Zoom treatments take about two hours each. With Zoom treatments, your gums are protected with a hardening gel, then a lightening solution is painted on your teeth. After an ultraviolet light is directed over your teeth to brighten them.

Of course, you’ll be wearing special eye-shielding glasses and sunscreen to protect your lips. How many treatments does it take to get a whiter smile? Usually three short sessions does the work.

Crowns and bridges will not whiten.  Teeth stained by coffee, tea, tobacco, and some foods will take a bit longer. Before treatment, Dr. Ford will discuss the procedure with you completely, letting you know what to expect. She may also suggest home whitening.

There are a variety of kits and gels that whiten your teeth at home. Most people see a satisfying difference with home treatment. Dr. Ford’s office will custom fabricate your teeth-whitening trays. The device is filled with the office-provided, professional-grade whitening solution and fitted over your teeth.

For some people, an over-the-counter home kit may work. Dr. Ford will recommend what works best for your teeth and budget. But everyone can take important steps to a better smile. Regular brushing and flossing keep your gums healthy and your teeth clean, and that’s a good habit for brighter teeth.

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