Reconstruction restores teeth that are broken or missing. It is the work that restores full tooth function or cosmetic satisfaction when a bridge or crown isn’t enough. Reconstruction may include crowns, bridges, dental implants, porcelain veneers or inlays.

Damaged and worn teeth prevent you from chewing and digesting your food well, resulting in ill health. A restored mouth leads to better general health. Repaired or replaced teeth allow you to enjoy pain-free meals and a bright, happy smile.

A dental reconstruction generally takes place over weeks or months, depending on the amount of restoration.

In some cases, the restorative team can plan and schedule the patient to have extensive work completed in one session – often called “Teeth in a Day.” This will leave you with temporary work in place that will be made permanent once you heal completely.

Dr. Ford chooses the team for the procedure. The team may include Dr. Ford, a dental surgeon, and a dental lab to fabricate the restorations. You can expect several preparatory visits to make sure all measurements are accurate. Dr. Ford, who knows your dental history and all the details of the restoration plan, is in charge of planning and scheduling the procedures. Having a caring relationship and building trust over time makes the one-day restorative work possible. After the procedure, you will need some time to heal, but you will have teeth that fit and work to support your general health. An additional visit to fit the final restoration will happen about three months after your Teeth in a Day.

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