General Dentistry

General dentistry is both an art and a science. Dr. Ford is expertly trained in both cosmetic and restorative work and is rated as one of the best dentists in Phoenix. But she can’t do all the work alone. Part of the job of keeping your teeth beautiful and healthy belongs to you. Brushing, flossing, and eating healthy food is part of the work that keeps your teeth healthy and your smile bright.

There is one more important step you can take to keep your own teeth for a long time—regular dental checkups. Seeing Dr. Ford and her dental team regularly helps prevent small problems from becoming big ones which means there is less discomfort for you. By seeing Dr. Ford regularly, you’ll have more time in the long run to do the things you enjoy.

If you have questions, you can find many answers on the website, but Dr. Ford would rather talk to you so all your questions can be answered. Call or schedule a visit today—and create the plan to keep your smile intact and bright.

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