Save Time With Teeth In A Day

Teeth in a dayThe term “teeth in a day,” often used to describe immediate loading dental implants with a full arch of teeth, implies swiftness in the process used to install the implants and final product. However, few people who haven’t already had the teeth in a day procedure done truly realize how much time they may be saving over the long run by receiving this type of dental treatment.

Here is a brief list of ways in which the teeth in a day process can save you time.

Why The Teeth in a Day Process Saves Time

  1. The healing process is faster than with traditional implant surgery. One of the key differences between teeth in a day implant surgery and older dental implant procedures is that, instead of making a large “flap” incision to access the jaw in order to place the implants, the provider will use a “punch” type of incision to place the implant in the jaw bone. A smaller incision speeds the healing process greatly.
  2. Bone grafts are usually unnecessary. With older implant procedures, bone grafts were frequently necessary and usually had to be done separately from the implant itself. With the teeth in a day procedure, bone augmentation is often unnecessary, or it is something that can be accomplished during the dental implant surgery and not as a separate procedure.
  3. Teeth in a day makes the repeat procedures required by bridges or dentures unnecessary. Bridges and dentures have built-in durability issues. Bridges, which require the dentist to alter two other natural teeth to place the appliance between them, often must be replaced within 10 years, and can be hard to clean around, boosting the risk of additional natural tooth loss and more time-consuming procedures. Dentures, even when well fitted, must be relined or replaced every few years.

“While it takes more than a single day to prepare a patient and orchestrate their teeth in a day process, it is a great solution to natural tooth loss with a very high success rate,” says Dr. Carol Ford, a cosmetic dentist with a practice in central Phoenix.

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