Restoration With Teeth In A Day

Teeth_In_A_DayIt seems way too early to be thinking about the winter holidays, but they will be here before you know it! If you’ve struggled with tooth loss, the holidays can be challenging, since activities often center around eating, smiling for photos and talking to relatives at family gatherings.

If you talk to your dentist about the teeth in a day procedure to restore your smile today, you could be enjoying a new smile by the holidays this year! While teeth in a day, also known as immediate loading dental implants, take more than 24 hours to design, manufacture and place, they do not require extensive healing periods or delays between implantation and use of your new teeth. You can simply include them in your pre-holiday planning as a gift to yourself!

A couple of caveats you should know about teeth in a day before you call your dental professional:

  • Your first visit will likely include a thorough examination that includes a medical and dental history, x-rays and a CT scan, making impressions of your remaining teeth and treatment planning.
  • Successive visits are usually when implants are placed in the jaw and overdentures anchored to the abutments of these implants. This is the “day” part of “teeth in a day.”
  • You can design your teeth to look as you’ve always dreamed — most people like theirs to look natural but not overly perfect.
  • After a brief healing period following the teeth in a day procedure, you can eat anything you want!

“The teeth in a day procedure is one of my favorites to provide for patients because it can change their lives so dramatically, “ says Dr. Carol Ford, who operates a cosmetic dentistry practice in central Phoenix.

If you are interested in improving your smile with the teeth in a day procedure or if you’d like to learn more about our services, please call (602) 955-7788 or visit our website.

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