Why Are Regular Checkups Important? 

Phoenix_DentistMany people behave as if making regular visits to their Phoenix dentist for a regular checkup is an optional activity, especially if they are feeling no pain in their mouth or don’t have any other symptoms that are causing them concern. But regular dental checkups are not simple “rubber stamp” events where your dentist looks over your teeth briefly, then decides you’re OK. Checkups have the potential to help identify a number of major medical issues in their earliest, most easily treatable, stages.

There’s a lot more going on during a typical dental checkup visit than just a glance inside your mouth and polishing your teeth at the end. A comprehensive dental visit by your Phoenix dentist often includes the following activities:

  • Examining the gums
  • Performing an oral cancer examination
  • Looking for signs of gum disease
  • Checking for loose teeth
  • Checking your bite and the contact between your teeth
  • Looking for visual evidence of tooth decay
  • Checking for broken teeth and damaged fillings
  • Evaluating any dental appliance you have
  • Taking X-rays

Your dental team may also take your blood pressure, which may uncover heart or vascular issues that may impact your oral health care.

The reason it’s so important to attend your regularly scheduled dental checkups is that they can help you improve your overall health, not just the health of your mouth. Nearly 60 percent of Americans visit their dentist at least once a year for a checkup, and those who do are 22 percent more likely to report their overall well-being as good or better than those who don’t come for checkups.

Even more significant is the fact that 90 percent of systemic diseases – including diabetes, leukemia, oral cancer and heart disease – have symptoms that are observable in the mouth. In particular, the connection between  diabetes and the state of one’s oral health is huge; improving the health of one’s teeth and gums often helps patients and their physicians manage this chronic condition better.

“Your dentist treats your teeth and gums, but works hand-in-hand with your entire health team to keep your whole body healthy,” says Dr. Carol Ford, a Phoenix cosmetic dentist.




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