Re-Considering Dental Implants

Cosmetic_DentistIf you heard, some years ago, that you are not a good candidate for implants, it may be time to bring up the issue again with your dentist.  “Changes in implants, both in the techniques and in the design of the implants now allow patients who could not have implants before to have a bright, new smile with permanent bridges,” says Dr. Carol Ford from her Phoenix cosmetic dentistry office.

The website OseoNews mentions the updates in dental implants for diabetics. Not too many years ago, diabetics weren’t candidates for dental implants. Dr. Dennis Nimchuck updates OseoNews readers: “I do not feel that diabetes, if reasonably controlled, should by itself be a contra-indication. If other factors such as smoking or marginal bone volume exist in combination with diabetes, I believe the risk factor may then become too great.”

An article in Implant Dentistry agrees, citing encouraging statistics: “Upon uncovering, 214 of the 227 implants were found to have osseointegrated [grafted successfully into the bone], a success rate of 94.3 percent.”

Radiation therapy is also no longer a deterrent to successful use of implants. The website PubMed.gov, the U.S. National Library of Medicine for the National Institutes of Health (NIH)  states that “implant therapy is no longer considered impossible for patients who have received radiation treatment.”

One of the best reasons to re-consider dental implants is the success rate of implants. People are also living longer, so getting dental implants, which improve your enjoyment of food and general digestive health, makes your longer life more enjoyable.

For those with poor dental ridges—the bone that holds the implant in place—there is also good news. “Ridges that were once considered not to be tall enough or thick enough can be built up by bone additions, or grafts. Grafts can be made using either a patient’s own bone material or artificial material,” says Dr. Ford. “Progress happens fast in the dental field, ask you dentist about the new possibilities,” she adds.

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