Preparing for Your Veneers

Veneers give you a young look and a white smile, but they may also take a bit of planning and communication, as you discus those details with your dentist.

“Veneers can change the appearance of teeth that are worn or stained, broken or misaligned,” says Dr. Carol Ford from her Phoenix Cosmetic Dentistry Office. “The process does take a bit of planning but the end result is well worth it, not only cosmetically but also for your health and confidence,” Dr. Ford explains.

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Consultation is the first and very important step.  This is a two-person project—both you and your dentist have a part. Your dentist will examine your teeth, how they fit together (your bite), how worn the tooth enamel is, and decide if you are a good candidate for the procedure.

Your job is to tell the dentist the final look you want to achieve. Ask your dentist any questions about the steps in the procedure, from the need for anesthetics to how long it will take you to feel comfortable with the new veneers. “If you don’t ask, you will guess, and that’s not the best way to take this important step, “ says Dr. Ford. “Ask all your questions. No question is too trivial or too minor. Once you ask, you have the information to make a good decision about your appearance and your health,” she adds.

Veneers are generally made with porcelain, as it resists stains better and gives better translucency. “Porcelain veneers look much more like natural teeth, “ says Dr. Ford.

“The choice of porcelain veneers or full coverage crowns depends on the final look you want, but also on the condition of your teeth and the kind of food you like to eat,” says Dr. Ford. “And that’s why it is so important to ask questions.  Your satisfaction and your smile are important to both of us.”

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