Plan Your Wedding Smile

It’s May, and this year’s June brides are smiling their way through showers, rehearsals and last-minute glitches. Brides plan the location and attendants a year ahead of time, and that’s a good time to plan the smile for your wedding day, too.

Teeth_Whitening_Wedding“While not every bride needs to start work a year in advance, it’s good to know how you want to look and what you want done,” says Dr. Carol Ford from her Phoenix cosmetic dentistry practice. A bride with crooked teeth who wants them straightened with orthodontia can achieve a significant change in a year. Braces, crowns, veneers and whitening take varying amounts of time, but knowing what you want and what it will take to achieve it is important. The earlier you start to plan, the sooner your teeth will be on the way to the perfect wedding photo smile.

The bride who needs crowns or bridges fitted has some planning to do. “A bride will want all her teeth to be the same color, so whitening needs to be done first and maintained, then the crown or bridge matched to the color the bride achieves,” says Dr. Ford, adding, “start the process six to nine months ahead of the wedding for the least amount of stress.”

Whitening can be done at home or through your dentist’s office. The at-home whitening takes a bit longer, about three months. Follow the whitening with any crown and bridge treatment. In case the match isn’t perfect, there will be time for the laboratory to make adjustments.

Whitening in the dentist’s office can be done two weeks before the wedding, if that is all that needs to be done. You’ll have a dazzling smile in your wedding photos and even if you indulge in some red wine, which stains teeth, the timeline keeps the color change minor.

If crowns are not the choice, consider veneers to make shape and color changes to your teeth. Veneers should be discussed and planned four to six months before the wedding.

Your smile is an important part of your wedding day, make sure you plan for it to be as wonderful as the rest of your special day.


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