Plan A Staycation For Your Mouth

Phoenix_Cosmetic_DentistFor those who live in the Valley of the Sun, a visit to a Phoenix cosmetic dentist isn’t usually at the top of their summer recreation list. However, given the popularity of summer “staycation” season in the Valley – where locals enjoy the area’s attractions and take their vacations in town – it’s possible to include some dental care in your quest to create a special healing time for yourself. Here are several suggestions for creating a mouth-friendly staycation that blends pleasure with thoughtful self-care.

Planning a mouth-friendly staycation

  • Eat plenty of delicious teeth-friendly foods, such as strawberries, kale, carrots, cheese, pineapple, quinoa, ginger and salmon.
  • Find the fresh water solution that makes you WANT to drink enough water to stay hydrated and avoid dry mouth – whether that is installing a reverse-osmosis lever on your sink, arranging for delivered water, using a filtered water container to store it in your fridge, or something else.
  • If you’re planning to do some homemade “spa” treatments during your time off, consider trying a gentle whitening procedure using natural ingredients, or experimenting withcoconut oil pulling, which involves swishing coconut oil or another oil in your mouth for several minutes then spit,as an additional way to rid your mouth of plaque-causing bacteria.
  • To aid your overall health, visit your Phoenix cosmetic dentist and ask about taking a saliva pH test. This simple test measures the level of acidity or alkalinity in your body, including your mouth.
  • Show your mouth you love it by scheduling time for an oral cancer screening at your dentist’s office. It’s a quick procedure that can help identify potentially serious conditions in your mouth early, which can increase the likelihood of a favorable outcome.
  • If you decide to visit a local resort as part of your staycation, don’t forget to keep up with your oral health habits while you’re away from home.

Dr. Carol Ford, a Phoenix cosmetic dentist, notes, “Dental health and recreation time are not often thought of together, but many ‘spa’ or ‘staycation’ experiences are all about healthful rejuvenation. You can make this year’s summer vacation luxurious, fun and health-preserving, all at the same time!”

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