What Sets Our Practice Apart?

Phoenix DentistWhile most Phoenix dentists receive similar training in dental school, it’s not true that the quality and value of each dentist in Phoenix is equal. Dr. Carol Ford, a Phoenix cosmetic dentist practicing in the Biltmore area, has been recognized by her clients and her professional peers as an exceptional service provider. She has many pages of positive testimonials from happy clients and was awarded the 2015 Top Dentist Award from Phoenix Magazine. Here are a few other reasons why Dr. Ford stands out as an exceptional Phoenix dentist.

What makes Dr. Ford stand out from other Phoenix dentists

  1. Access to clinical information. Phoenix dentists referring to Dr. Ford can keep in the loop about their patients’ treatments through a special online portal, and patients can receive their treatment records on a USB device for easy sharing with future dental providers.
  2. Vito, Dr. Ford’s Golden Retriever. Vito has been trained as a Power Paws Assistance Dog and is available to visit with any client who requests him. He can help calm anxious clients about to undergo a procedure or help them relax after the work is done.
  3. The beautiful, calming practice setting. Ford’s office faces a small lake that is tucked in the heart of the city. From the treatment chair, clients can often see trees, ripples on the lake’s surface, and even ducks waddling around outside! The decor inside the office is also relaxing and healing.
  4. A tightly knit, caring staff. Many members of Dr. Ford’s office and clinical staff have worked together for years. This allows them to be efficient and focused and to provide the professionalism and superior patient care that are the hallmarks of a great dental practice.
  5. Ford’s aesthetic skill. Last, but certainly not least, Dr. Ford’s artistry with smile makeovers provides her with a stellar reputation as a Phoenix cosmetic dentist. She can return your smile to its original glory – or perhaps make it look even better!

Dr. Ford says, “As a Phoenix dentist, it’s my goal to create an exceptional environment for clients to advance their oral health and improve their appearance.”

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