Pearly Whites Are A Girl’s Best Friend

Teeth_WhiteningIf you’re a woman and you find yourself and your female friends discussing teeth whitening when you chat about health and beauty topics, you’re not alone. A large proportion of teeth whitening procedures are performed for female clients. Some of these women are preparing for a special occasion, such as their wedding, when they want to look their best. Others are aware of the impact that a beautiful smile can have when meeting a potential significant other for the first time.

Although teeth whitening is a common procedure, not every woman is satisfied with the results she gets. Here are several tips for making sure your “pearly whites” end up the shade you desire!

Getting the most out of teeth whitening

  1. See your dentist first. Even if you plan to use over-the-counter (OTC) products, your dentist can diagnose the cause of your teeth stains. Some conditions that cause discolored teeth may not respond to whitening, so having your dentist evaluate whether you are a candidate for whitening should be the first step. Your dentist may also be able to offer you an affordable take-home kit that could produce results better than those from an OTC product. He or she also can advise you in the most effective use of OTC teeth whiteners.
  2. Consider your daily habits and heath history. If you drink tea, cola, or coffee regularly, use a straw to minimize teeth staining. Smoking can lead to teeth stains, as well. If you used certain medications, such as tetracycline, earlier in your life, you may have stains from that. You can help keep your teeth brighter by making an effort to eat foods that naturally whiten your teeth, such as strawberries.
  3. Know when to skip trying to whiten your teeth. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, who have teeth sensitivity issues, or who have active periodontal (gum) disease should not attempt teeth whitening.

“Women are generally better than men at maintaining their oral health, and they know the value of a nice smile,” says Dr. Carol Ford, a cosmetic dentist with a practice in central Phoenix. “Teeth whitening, when supervised by your dentist, can take that natural asset and make it look even more appealing!”

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