On the Go with Dr. Carol Ford

Most patients know their dentist as a pair of hands holding a set of dental instruments. Maybe they think of their dentist with gratitude when they check their smile in the mirror. But few people think of the dentist as a wife, mother, and world traveler. Welcome to the world of Dr. Carol Ford, who is all those—dentist, wife, mother, and world traveler. A woman who is vividly alive and involved in the world. Being, married to restaurateur Steve Freidkin, owner of the Texaz Grill in Phoenix, means she doesn’t have to do all the cooking. In fact, she doesn’t have to do much cooking at all. “Steve hates to watch me wielding a knife. He worries for my hands, so he does most of the cooking. Frankly, that’s fine with me,” Dr. Ford says. They both love to eat, so the experience in shared. Eating and preferences is always linked to travel—where have you gone, what do you eat when you are there? Dr. Ford travels frequently to Israel. One of the treasures of Jerusalem’s is the Mahane Yehuda market, Dr. Ford’s favorite shuk—open air market. Like our own farmer’s markets, the shuk is more than a grocery; it’s the original social networking site. Mahane Yehuda, located on Aggripas Street and Jaffa Road in Jerusalem, is a crossroads for the world. People of every religion, color, dress, and political belief come to walk the marketplace’s alleyways that wind between an incredible assortment of spices, bread, meat, vegetables, eggs and fruit.

Dr. Ford’s favorite restaurant is located just up the street from Mahane Yehuda. The chef speaks to customers and then prepares a meal just for them, based on fresh ingredients and the likes and dislikes from his clients. “Seeing his concern for his clients and experiencing that personal attention taught me a good deal about relating to my clients in my practice,” Dr. Ford said. “I use the same approach—finding out about likes and dislikes, basing the care they need on how they want to be treated. It’s such a good idea.”

Dr. Ford does not come to Israel only to enjoy the shuk. She comes as a lay leader of the Jewish National Fund—an organization that focuses on the development of the infrastructure. Best known as the organization that plants trees in Israel (240 million so far) the JNF also is concerned with creating and maintaining a supply of fresh, clean water through rainwater collection, water recycling and education on water use.
“Seeing a need and stepping in to help is a reaction that happens without thinking,” Dr. Ford says. “And while that happens every day in my practice, I’m grateful I can also make it happen in another corner of the world.”

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