Notes from Vito: My To-Do List


My favorite stuffie toy. Well, for this week anyway.

Hi. My name is Vito. I work with Carol, who trained to be a dentist. She has won several prizes for being good at dentistry.  She was voted one of Phoenix’s best dentists in 2012 and 2013.

I was trained, too, when I was little. I lived with a family that had lots of kids and took me to places to meet a lot of people. I like people. Then I had training to become a therapy dog. My work makes me tail-wagging happy. Some therapy dogs fetch things, some therapy dogs work with sick people. I go to work with Carol at the dental office.

When I go to work with Carol, some people come into her office and have something called “anxiety.” That means they are not tail-wagging happy. When I feel that way, I go get my stuffie toy and chomp on it. I also chomp on my stuffie toy when I am happy. But some people who come into Carol’s dental office don’t bring a stuffie toy to chomp on, so they feel “anxiety” and walk slowly with their head down.

Sometimes they don’t like Carol to touch their teeth when they feel that way. My job is to go sit with them. They pet me and talk to me. Sometimes, they even play with me. Then I know the anxiety-thing is gone. That makes both of us happy, and Carol is happy too. She can look at and touch their teeth, then she works to makes the teeth beautiful.

When the people lose the anxiety, I do not go fetch it for them. Not even with my good nose do I know where it went. But I do know that they smile a lot more when I work with them. And smiling is very important in Carol’s dental office. A lot of smiles happen there.

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