Notes from Vito: All on Four

Best_DentistHi, it’s Vito, the therapy dog in Dr. Carol Ford’s office. I love going to work with Carol. Lots of my friends were trained to work with people. Some work with children who are sad or hurt. Some were trained to work with people in wheelchairs, or to warn their people if they are going to have a seizure or have a blood sugar problem.

The place where I trained worked with every dog to find out what we did best. I made people feel better when they were feeling sad and scared, even when there wasn’t a bear in the room. I feel better when Carol is in the room and plays with me, but some people don’t like Carol to play with their teeth. When they ask for me, I come in and they can pet me and play with me. I like playing with people for work. I have a good job.

Speaking of teeth, I learned something from Carol today. She said “all-on-four,” and I wondered what that was about. I’m all-on-four, but she wasn’t talking about paws. She was talking about teeth.

Turns out it’s not that different. When I have all four paws on the ground, I am very sturdy. It’s not easy to tip me over. When people have all-on-four teeth, they get four teeth called “implants” put in their jaw. Then Carol makes beautiful people teeth and makes them “sit” and “stay” on just four of the implant teeth.

The teeth then work like people teeth. They don’t come out anymore. The people have to brush them like their real teeth. Because the all-on-four are very sturdy, they stay in and act like real teeth. People can have big smiles with them. And that makes my tail wag.

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