New Year’s Resolution: Smile!

You know about the “Butterfly Effect,” right? Edward Lorenz coined the name for an event caused by something seemingly unrelated and far away. The example often given is a hurricane being caused by a butterfly flapping its wings half a world away weeks earlier.

What does the butterfly effect have to do with smiling? When you smile at someone, the person often smiles back. That smile gets passed on. A little thread of feeling good ripples through the world. Maybe something wonderful happens.

A smile allows you to feel generous; a smile allows the person smiled at to feel appreciated. Best of all, a smile is free, and you can give them without ever running out.

Cosmetic_DentistIf your smile isn’t bright, if your teeth are dingy or badly spaced, you may not be smiling as often. “A smile is a sign of confidence,” says Dr. Carol Ford from her sunny office in Phoenix, “and a bright, straight, clean smile adds to your feeling of well being and that adds to your confidence,” she adds.

What to do about that less-than-wonderful smile? “Luckily, there are many things that we can do to fix a smile and make it bright,” says Dr. Ford.

Ask your dentist about having your teeth whitened—there are many products for home use, including the new Glo system. Or ask Dr. Ford about her in-office Zoom treatment, too.

If you have a tooth that’s slightly rotated, you can have it cosmetically repaired by having it re-shaped through a crown.

If your front teeth are chipped or misshapen, veneers may be the sensible answer.

The most important thing to remember about your smile is that it can be improved. “There are many way to give you the confidence of a youthful smile,” says Dr. Ford. “But you have to make the decision that this is the year to make it happen.”

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