New Teeth in One Day

All-on-FourWhile incremental change is often how transformations occur in life, the choice to receive new “teeth in one day” via the All-on-Four implant process is one of those cases in which your life can change dramatically on many levels, in less than 24 hours.

Let’s look at several areas in which the “before and after” impact of receiving All-on-Four dental implants demonstrate what an amazing health opportunity this technology represents.

All-on-Four: Before and After

Area #1: Gum and Jaw Health

Before: A patient may be suffering from severe periodontal disease or tooth decay, and be in danger of losing many or all of their teeth. Bone density decreases as teeth are lost from the jaw.

After: Because the All-on-Four implants are anchored into the jawbone, they preserve bone density. Patients who receive a full set of implant-supported overdentures often have much simpler routines to clean their implanted teeth, which improves the health of their gums.

Area #2: Dental Restorations

Before: Traditional dentures can slip in the mouth, and bridges can be difficult to clean around and often require the teeth around them to be altered to allow the bridge to be anchored to them.

After: All-on-Four overdentures are permanently and securely attached to the jaw. They don’t cover the palate. They are a snap to clean and do not interfere with any natural teeth remaining in the mouth.

Area #3: Speaking and Eating

Before: Patients with dentures often struggle with the loss of the sense of taste that comes from the denture covering the palate. Some foods become off limits. Loose-fitting dentures also can make speaking more difficult.

After: Patients who receive All-on-Four dental implants can eat whatever they like. Speaking comes naturally with implants – many people won’t even know you don’t have your natural teeth!

Area #4:  Self-confidence

Before: Many adults who lose some or all of their teeth become very self-conscious and shy about smiling, speaking or eating in public.

After: After receiving All-on-Four supported teeth, an individual can return to the life they led before tooth loss became a problem – laughing, talking and eating without giving it a second thought!

“Few technologies provide as many benefits with as few drawbacks as a set of new ‘teeth in one day’ supported by All-on-Four dental implants,” says Dr. Carol Ford, a cosmetic dentist with a practice in central Phoenix.



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    Question … Are implants covered by mercy care ?

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