Meet Our Hygiene Coordinator, Brandi!

Dental_CareHi, I’m Brandi and I’m the new hygiene coordinator at Dr. Carol Ford’s practice in central Phoenix. I’ve been working in the dental care field since 1998, first as a dental assistant and later in various front-office roles.

My connection to Phoenix and joining Dr. Ford’s dental care team is partially due to my boyfriend. After nine months of a long-distance relationship, I decided to move here! He and I have two dogs and love to travel.

I began working for Dr. Ford in October. I have learned so much in just a few months. One of the factors that sets our practice apart is the warmth and care patients feel at our offices. Dr. Ford’s patients absolutely LOVE her.  She is the most caring and thorough dentist I have ever met, let alone worked for. I also think the fact that Vito, Dr. Ford’s Golden Retriever who’s been trained as a Power Paws Assistance Dog, is “on staff” provides a huge benefit to our patients who have anxiety about coming to the dentist. Our staff also gets along well and we enjoy working with each other.

The care that patients feel at the practice makes my job much easier. I work with our hygienists to keep our patients on a recommended dental care schedule.  I am usually the first person to greet them when they enter the office and the last person they interact with before they leave. It is my goal to make sure every patient we see leaves with a return appointment to keep them from veering off of their dental care timeline.

All of us at Dr. Ford’s office – even Vito! – care about your health and happiness! Make an appointment today and see the difference that quality dental care can make in your life.

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