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Lisa Collier—After Hours

Lisa Collier, the Treatment Coordinator in Dr. Carol Ford’s office, knows that each day is a busy one.  A typical day is one that demands her to do four things at once. She moves from welcoming a new patient and introducing the patient to the dental assistant, handling phone calls to getting information from the referring doctor, all without breaking a sweat.

dr_carol_ford_staff“No day is typical for me,” Lisa says, “and I love the activity, the change, the pace of a busy dental practice.”

Before Lisa became an office manager, she had experience in restaurant management. She laughs when she says, “Restaurant business is hectic. If you can manage that, you have learned important skills. And I love the ability to step into every day ready to go, ready to handle anything that comes up.”

After hours, Lisa is a mother of an adult son and a stepmother to a teenage daughter.  She is a fitness fan who ran her first half-marathon last year. She likes having a regular fitness routine, and loves running for charity.  She most recently ran for Maggie’s Place, a community that provides help for pregnant women who are alone or living in the streets. “These women have goals and dreams for personal growth and Maggie’s Place helps the women reach them,” Lisa says. “Running for charity is much more fulfilling than just running.”

Lisa trains regularly, but doesn’t run during the summer. “Summer training happens in the gym,” she says, “but fall is the time to hit the streets four or five times a week.”

Lisa also rides a motorcycle and credits the awareness necessary to be a motorcycle rider for making her a better and more alert person as well as a better car driver. “I love long rides,” Lisa says, “they are stress relievers. But you have to stay alert on the bike. Taking switchbacks is the best way to stay in the moment. You are focused all the time.”

Although you won’t see her motorcycle helmet in the office, it’s good to know that the skills she uses after hours benefit the clients in Dr. Ford’s dental office as well.



  1. anne berger says

    Lisa is a sweetheart. She makes all the patients feel like they are the only one.

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