Meet the Staff – Lisa Collier Office Manager and Treatment Coordinator

dr_carol_ford_staffWhen you talk to Lisa, it’s easy to think of her at “VP of Smiles” because she is the cheerful voice that greets you first when you call Dr. Carol Ford’s office in Phoenix.  Her job is to guide you through the first steps of becoming a regular in Dr. Ford’s office, and to keep you comfortable throughout your specific treatment.

As the Treatment Coordinator, Lisa is the link between new patients and the ongoing treatment that Dr. Ford will design for them.

“Dr. Ford is very comforting, so she draws patients that want a comfortable, low-stress experience. I’m the go-to person who sets the tone for a patient. When you come in for your first visit, I know you, because I’ve helped you get started,” Lisa says.

A new patient isn’t just scheduled. Lisa tells each new patient what to expect when they arrive. She makes sure the paperwork from previous dentists has arrived before the visit. Patients can do pre-visit paperwork online, at a time convenient for them to work without feeling rushed. Her skill is based on experience—she’s been working in dental offices for nine years, five of them with Dr. Ford.

“By the time a patient comes through the door, we’ve made them feel at home here. They know what to expect on the first visit, and they know we’ve done our homework on their dental history and their insurance plan. Working together early helps a patient concentrate on their teeth and their health, not paperwork,” Lisa says.

Lisa’s work includes another important aspect of calming patient care. “I listen to the entire care recommendation that Dr. Ford gives a patient,” Lisa says. “Because I know the entire plan, I can help a patient set priorities and choose a time frame that makes the most sense for the care and the patient’s schedule. If a patient forgets the specifics of a treatment plan, I’ll know and can help. Of course, they can ask Dr. Ford questions about their care, but sometimes the questions are about timing and insurance, and that’s my specialty.”

Lisa is never to busy to help a client and Dr. Ford’s clients find it easy to depend on her.


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