Meet the Staff – Kadee Maxwell, Hygiene Coordinator

Cosmetic_dentist_office_phoenixKadee Maxwell knows about teamwork. She’s part of the busy group who makes Dr. Ford’s dental office in Phoenix a success.

“I work in the front office, but I coordinate my work with the people doing dental treatments,” she explains. “My job is keeping in touch with patients and keeping their cleaning and treatment schedules up to date. I also want to keep the office schedule at a smooth flow.” For Kadee that means making sure there is a steady flow of people—no overbooking and no big gaps in the schedule.

“With patients’ busy lives; I may get several calls a day to switch schedules, and then I need to fill that empty time in the hygienists’ schedules, too,” Kadee says.

Kadee see patients who come in for cleaning and gum maintenance appointments not just once, but twice. She checks them in and makes sure they have all the necessary paperwork completed. When they are ready to leave, she checks them out and makes sure they schedule another appointment and that the office has all the necessary information to file the insurance paperwork.

Kadee’s job includes patient education, too. “There are a lot of insurance questions I can help patients with,” Kadee says. “Many patients think if they have dental insurance everything will be paid for, but that’s not how insurance works.” Kadee explained that dental insurance covers “usual and customary” expenses, but each insurance company decides what amount they consider usual and customary. “Payment varies not only from insurance to insurance but also can vary from zip code to zip code.”

Kadee can’t always predict what the insurance will cover, and works hard to stay familiar with all the different rules of various insurance carriers.  She is happy to explain the insurance process to clients and has found that giving specific examples makes it easier for clients to understand their insurance policy.

Clients who come to Dr. Ford’s office get special treatment from Kadee. She loves catching up on the various events in clients’ lives and seeing the photos of children, grandchildren and pets that grow up between visits. She has even helped clients download apps on their smart phones and helped them figure out how to use the aps while they are waiting.

“I love Dr. Ford’s clients, and I love knowing about them,” she says with a smile.


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