Meet the Staff

Kadee Maxwell knows that Dr. Carol Ford’s patients hate surprises. “I want to make sureCosmetic_dentist_office_phoenix that there are no surprises at the front desk or when they check out,” she says. “We can’t always prevent periodontal problems, but I do my best not to have any surprises for them when they are ready to leave.”

Keeping people calm comes naturally to Kadee, her cheerful personality is calming for clients.

“I’ve learned a lot by watching people,” she says, “and I know many people are not happy at their work. So doing something that makes me feel useful—a job in which I can help people–is important to me.”

Kadee grew up in Alaska, and finds life here in Arizona has different priorities. “In Alaska, people are very grounded, very in touch with the significance of Nature. If you have car problems in below-zero weather, that becomes a life-and-death matter very quickly. Here people are more relaxed.” She also enjoys camping and the many different climates Arizona has. “You can drive for three days and still be in the snow in Alaska,” she says, adding, “Here, in a few hours, you can go from the desert to snow, and see such different scenery.” She loves Arizona and has no plans for leaving.

What does Kadee do in her spare time? She’s busy going to school. She wants to finish her degree quickly, so she goes to school every night from 7 p.m. to 9 or 10 p.m. Her degree work is in English Literature. She laughs as she says, “Everyone asks me ‘What good is that?’ but it’s a great course of study. When you learn what people write about, how the language changes by the words people value, you are learning a lot about how your culture works.”  She also loves history, and may add a second major to her course of studies.

Good thing her other hobby is reading—Kadee is busy building a real-book library in her living space and hopes to have shelves of books on a large variety of topics as she continues her studies.


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