Meet Julie, Our Clinical Assistant

Phoenix_DentistryFew professionals succeed entirely on their own, and the Phoenix cosmetic dentistry practitioner Dr. Carol Ford is no exception. Her staff is exceptional, going above and beyond to ensure client satisfaction and safety.

This month, we chatted with Julie, a clinical assistant for Dr. Ford, about her role in the practice and why she has enjoyed working with Dr. Ford for more than 30 years!

Getting to know Julie

Q. Why did you go into the dental field?

I became interested in dentistry right out of high school. I wanted to work in a field in which I could help people and make a difference in their life.

Q. Explain your role in Dr. Ford’s practice.

I am involved in the cosmetic consultation when clients come in for the initial appointment. I take the digital photos of the teeth, listen to patient’s desired outcomes, and I assure the client that they have made an excellent choice to come and see Dr. Ford.

I also show clients our photo book of some of the beautiful smiles we have created. This demonstrates to them that cosmetic dentistry is a part of our practice that we love to deliver.

Q. Describe the professional relationship you have with Dr. Ford, and how this benefits clients.

Dr. Ford and I have worked together for 30 years. We have basically grown up together. We are like sisters. I feel that a lot of our clients have become our extended family. Over the years, we have developed many amazing client relationships. I feel as if our clients are comforted in seeing the two of us working together so long, and I know clients appreciate our efficiency and the ways in which we complement each other.

Q. What do you like the best about working with Dr. Ford’s Phoenix dentistry practice?

There are so many things I enjoy about working in the practice: the teamwork with Dr. Ford and my co-workers, the peaceful feeling in our beautiful office, the amazing views we have of a small lake nestled in the center of the city, not to mention the love and affection of our office mascot, Vito!

Beyond those benefits, this practice is on the leading edge in terms of treatments, and I feel my voice matters when I share ideas or concerns. The result of all these positives is that we have great clients who love us!

Dr. Ford, who practices in an office near the Biltmore area of central Phoenix, says, “I feel blessed as a Phoenix cosmetic dentistry specialist to have found such a talented and compassionate clinical assistant as Julie.”

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