Meet Dr. Ford’s Staff: Kelly Lesperance, Registered Hygienist

Kelly Lesperance was unhappy in Chicago. The winters were cold and blowy and she had given up her horses to move to the city. She missed Michigan, but what she dreamed of was sunshine.

“I moved to Phoenix because of the weather, and I’m staying because I love working with Dr. Ford,” Kelly says.

Kelly is one of the registered dental hygienists who work for Dr. Ford. Kelly has been with Dr. Ford for two-and-a-half years, and has worked as a dental hygienist for the last seven years.

Kelly found Dr. Ford through a placement agency that knew right away she would be a good fit for the fast-paced, friendly office. “At the first interview, I already knew this is where I wanted to work,” she says. “This is an office that’s about long-term relationships and that’s very important to me,” she adds.

Kelly provides treatment that helps people keep their teeth longer. “I enjoy seeing people’s health improve over time,” she says. “It’s not just about their teeth, but it often starts there. When people care about their gums and teeth, a lot of good health habits fall into line.”

She also enjoys working with people who have dental fears. “It’s common to see people who are scared of the dentist at the first visit,” she says. Once patients experience the calm, caring environment, the fear vanishes, and so does the discomfort. Pain is made worse by fear, so what might be a painful experience elsewhere is easy to take in Dr. Ford’s office.

Kelly uses laser therapy for treating gum disease. She likes it because it’s pain-free for the client. She’ll also use water spray treatments to irrigate inflamed areas. “If we catch the inflammation early, we can often avoid surgery, “ she says. “And that makes people happy.” A large part of the enjoyment she gets from her work comes from relationships she builds with patients. “I like to have fun with the people, and when they tell me they look forward to an office visit, that’s really rewarding,” Kelly adds.

One of the opportunities she enjoys at Dr. Ford’s office is the continuing education. Kelly takes advantage of lifelong learning, not because she has to, but because she has a natural curiosity about life. “There are so many things to learn, and when I know something, I can often clarify a procedure to the patient,” she explains.

When she’s not in the office, Kelly enjoys running, hiking and mountain biking with her husband. They are currently updating their home themselves, and are excited about the plans to complete the interior and exterior to their liking. Kelly had to leave her horses behind, but the two dogs, Henry and Oscar keep her company. Ask her about them when you visit her in Dr. Ford’s office.


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