Managing A Cosmetic Dentistry Practice

cosmetic-dentistryHi, I’m Rhonda Kob, the treatment coordinator and office manager for Dr. Carol Ford’s cosmetic dentistry practice in central Phoenix. I have a wonderful career in the field of cosmetic dentistry; I learn something new every day and I really appreciate the opportunity to grow constantly in terms of my professional knowledge and my ability to assist Dr. Ford’s clients.

I have been in the dental field for 38 years. I started as a dental assistant, then moved on to work as a lab technician, then as a treatment coordinator and office manager. Working in this wide range of roles has helped me have a fuller perspective on the dental treatment process.

In my role as treatment coordinator, I discuss with our clients the importance of keeping their regular dental check-up appointments. Preventive care is crucial to keeping your teeth and gums healthy, and maintaining a healthy smile is a key part of maintaining your overall health.

The other part of my job involves making sure this practice operates smoothly. Dr. Ford’s office is very busy, and it’s exciting to be able to offer patients all the latest technology and procedures!

As the head of her own cosmetic dentistry practice, Dr. Ford is indispensable to our success. Her expertise and responsiveness with patients is amazing. She is a great listener and can hear what client’s concerns are before they even express what they want or are fully aware of their cosmetic dentistry needs!

Dr. Ford has an artistic eye for cosmetic dentistry, and is able to give her clients a smile that looks completely natural, yet looks and functions better than it did before. I truly enjoy being a part of her team of cosmetic dentistry professionals and being able to serve clients from all walks of life each day!

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