We Love Our Dental Hygienists

Dental_HygienistDental hygiene is a growing profession. Dental hygienists are a key part of a cosmetic dental practice – they deliver vital preventative care tips and provide prophylactic cleanings to keep patients’ teeth healthy and strong.

Dr. Carol Ford, a cosmetic dentist practicing in central Phoenix, is proud to hire only the finest dental hygienists to serve clients. We recently caught up with one of them, Theresa Haskell RDH, to ask her a few questions about her work with Dr. Ford.

How long have you been a dental hygienist?

I became a licensed hygienist in 1998.

Why did you decide to become a dental hygienist?

I began dental assisting in 1988 and decided to pursue dental hygiene after developing a passion for clinical dentistry, as well as a love of working closely with patients.

What have you enjoyed the most about working for Dr. Ford’s office?

If I must sum up in one word what I love most about working for Dr. Ford’s office, it would be EXCELLENCE. Rare in my history working with dentists have I found such precision, attention to the artistic detail of dentistry, along with impeccable integrity, that I’ve found with Dr. Carol Ford.

What makes Dr. Ford’s practice special or unique?

Dr. Ford adheres to the highest level of aesthetic function in dentistry while taking each patient’s desires and needs into account. She absolutely individualizes every treatment plan. The health and happiness of our patients speaks to this individuality.

What is your favorite part about working with patients/clients?

My favorite part about working as a dental hygienist with the clients we see is the wisdom they share with me. Each life, young or old, offers such value and opportunity for growth. As much as I may help each patient, they also help me. I am reminded of my purpose daily, through loving our patients, and through their healing and mutual gratitude.

Do you have any advice for folks who would like to visit the dentist (for cosmetic or oral health reasons) but who are experiencing anxiety about undergoing dental procedures?

Anxiety is real for most patients initially. Old experiences can foster ill feelings, but once patients enter our dental home, they instantly feel comfort and well being. Making the patient feel as comfortable as possible throughout their visit is our goal. I encourage anyone hesitant to take the first step and make an appointment – they will be happy they did!


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