Laser Use In Dentistry

Dentist_OfficeFor several generations, science fiction has focused on lasers as the technology behind various types of impressive-looking weapons. But lasers can be found in your local dental office too. Lasers are emerging as a key “weapon” in the fight against tooth and gum diseases, although their ultimate goal is to create a healthy smile for you.

Dental offices like that of cosmetic dentist Dr. Carol Ford in central Phoenix use lasers for an array of oral health treatments. Here are a few of the ways lasers are used in dentistry to facilitate healing and encourage a healthy environment in your mouth.

Laser uses in dental offices

  1. Laser bacterial reduction. When you visit the dental office for a regular hygiene visit, your dental hygienist may use a laser to facilitate the reduction of bacteria as he or she scales (scrapes biofilm from) your teeth. Since this procedure reduces overall levels of bacteria, it helps make the cleaning more effective and promotes optimal conditions in your mouth afterward.
  2. Laser curettage. If a patient’s gums are showing signs of significant gum disease, lasers can be used in conjunction with dental deep cleanings and/or scaling and root planing. In this instance, the laser enters the periodontal pockets that have formed around each tooth and disrupts the bacteria colonies that have formed there. The laser may also be used to remove the inflamed gum tissue from around the root of the tooth. This encourages a more thorough and successful treatment of the gums.
  3. Soft Tissue lasers can also be useful in working to create a more beautiful smile line. Soft-tissue lasers can be used to even out a smile line where the gum tissue is naturally higher or lower around some teeth. This alone can often times enhance a person’s smile, after all, our gums are like frames for our teeth.

“Lasers can seem like magic or science fiction, but at our dental office, they are 100 percent backed by science, and here to help our patients preserve their oral health,” says Dr. Ford.

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