Laser Treatment: Cure for Mouth Sores

You know the pain—the sharp pain of canker sores, the tingling, then aching pain of a fever blister. Did you also know there is a faster, easier way to get past the pain of mouth sores? You don’t have to wait them out!

laser_treatment_dental“No one wants to wait over a week for a mouth sore to resolve itself and go away,” Dr. Carol Ford says from her Phoenix office. “There is a modern method—soft tissue lasers—that can reduce the pain and shorten the time the mouth sore is visible.”

Soft tissue lasers don’t heat up and they don’t vibrate, so they are comfortable to use. Canker sores treated with lasers quit hurting almost immediately. They heal in about four days instead of usual 10 to 14. That’s a significant difference.

Dr. Ford sees clients in her Phoenix office who don’t want to spend a carefully planned vacation with mouth pain, as well as her regular patients who need to concentrate on business or family instead of pain. “Pain doesn’t help you have a good time, think clearly, or make good decisions. And the treatment is fast and easy,” Dr. Ford says. “It’s a good solution, and a fast one.”

Cold sores are also good candidates for laser treatment. Caused by the herpes virus, cold sores can last two weeks from pre-symptom to resolution. “Not only are they painful, but cold sores are contagious,” says Dr. Ford. “Using a laser to reduce the time the sore is contagious is a way to control the spread of herpes.”  View our recent article for more info: Mouth Sores—When You Should Call Your Dentist.

Laser treatment in cold sores heals them much faster—in about three to four days. Compared to the usual week to 10 days, sometimes more, it’s a way to put people back on an active life track.

There is another great reason to get laser treatment for mouth sores—cosmetic. Brides, grooms, graduates, and executives with upcoming presentations don’t want their cold sore to draw attention. Because the sores scab over before they heal, they are hard to cover with a concealing cream or hide with a lip color. They signal your stress to the outside world. It’s a much better idea to call your dentist and schedule a laser treatment.

Because many mouth sores are caused by poor dental hygiene, it’s also a smart idea to consider laser treatment to reduce bacteria in the mouth, to clean where your brush doesn’t reach, and to prevent periodontal disease.

Lasers can help prevent gingivitis and periodontal disease. The treatment is painless and faster than surgeries, and avoids needles entirely. They can restore your smile and help you spend less time in the dentist’s chair and more enjoying your life.


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