Keeping White Teeth White

Whether your smile has been brightened by your dentist or you are blessed with naturally bright teeth, there are six steps you can take to keep that smile sparkling.

“People expect a youthful look to include bright, white teeth,” says Dr. Carol Ford from her Phoenix Cosmetic Dentistry office. “And the limit for ‘bright’ is a lot lighter than it was 10 years ago,” she adds.

So how can you keep that smile once you have achieved the shade of bright you like?

WebMD has some natural suggestions for keeping your teeth from staining.

1. Baking soda and a soft toothbrush are still an old-school but effective way to remove stains and keep teeth bright.

Phoenix Dentist2. Some fruits and vegetables stimulate your salivary glands to produce more saliva that washes food particles and bacteria away from your teeth. Apples, pears, carrots and celery are all great snack foods that don’t pile on calories and keep your teeth protected as well.

3. Sugarless gum, particularly if it contains xylitol, helps remove food particles from around teeth. The xylitol helps destroy the harmful bacteria in your mouth, reducing your chance of developing cavities.

4. Smoking not only is bad for your health, but it stains your teeth. Tobacco causes stains that sink into the small crevices in your teeth and are difficult to remove.

5. Coffee, tea, dark sodas and some fruit juices (grape or cranberry) stain your teeth over time. You might not notice that your teeth are slowly yellowing. To reduce the time these liquids spend in your mouth, drink them with a straw.

6. Red wine is another tooth staining drink. But drinking it with a straw is not a good idea—you’ll be drinking it faster instead of sipping it. To reduce wine stains, rinse your mouth with plain water after enjoying that glass of wine

“The best step to take to keep your smile bright is to brush and floss your teeth twice a day,” says Dr. Ford. “And, of course, visit your dentist at least twice a year to keep your gums and teeth in their best shape,” she adds.

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