Is This The Year For Veneers?

veneersSometimes, we don’t need to make huge changes to our appearance or health to feel a lot better. When it comes to dental procedures, veneers can provide significant results without a gigantic investment in time or money.

If you are planning your health-related investments for the year, and wondering if having veneers placed on your teeth is something you’d like to consider during 2018, here is a quick guide to help aid your decision.


Are You A Candidate For Veneers? Answer These Questions

  1. Where are the teeth located that you would like to improve? Veneers can provide cosmetic improvements for teeth in the “smile zone,” that is, the teeth in the front of your mouth (top and bottom arches) that are visible when you smile.
  2. Are the teeth structurally sound? Veneers cover your natural teeth on the side of the tooth that faces outward, but they do not cover the entire tooth like a crown does. It is possible to get cavities behind a veneer, so it is important to start with a strong, healthy tooth before adding a veneer.
  3. What would you like to correct about these teeth? If you have minor issues with shape, shade or rotation that you would like to correct, veneers are ideal. They can provide a whole new look to your smile without announcing to the world that you’ve done anything.
  4. Are you willing to care for your veneers properly? You’ll need to brush and floss daily as you normally do, and it’s especially important not to use your teeth that have the veneers as “tools” for ripping, tearing or crushing. Veneers are made of porcelain and can break if you are careless with your teeth.
  5. Can you commit to maintenance of your veneers for a lifetime? While placing veneers is a relatively non-invasive procedure, your dentist will need to remove a small amount of enamel to apply them, and that will impact your dental care going forward. Do not have veneers applied if you are not 100 percent sure you want to make a permanent change in the appearance of your teeth.

“Veneers can be a cost-effective way to improve the way your teeth look and function,” says Dr. Carol Ford. “Contact us today if you’d like to investigate improving your smile with veneers in 2018.”




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